National Western Stock Dog Sale - January 25, 2020

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Consigned by Jeremy McBride

 Jeremy McBride manages a cow/calf operation near Mt. Vernon, MO and uses Max extensively in his day-to -ay work. Max has adhered to the family lineage of being a great ranch dog and an excellent gathering dog as well as a good-natured family companion.

Max was bred by Rick Morgan of Stella, MO, where he and his family run a cow/calf operation. Rick prefers a patient, intelligent dog that will bite cleanly and is strong enough to move pairs. Being a competent dog on the beef operation is first and foremost, however Rick also enjoys a dog that he can take to cattledog trials on the weekends for fun.

Jeremy saw Rick’s dog, Bo, at work and admired his tough, gritty nature. Recognizing this as a proven line of ranch dogs, Jeremy opted to try a pup by Bo and he was not disappointed. Bo has a good clean head and heel bite, offers a lot of stamina, and is a dog that Rick describes as having exceptional heart and try. “He will go all day and give you all he’s got every minute of the day.”

Max is out of Sky, a female described by Rick as very strong that will hit both ends, and is a producer of nice ranch dogs.