National Western Stock Dog Sale - January 25, 2020

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Consigned by Paula Gow

Hondo is a homegrown dog out of Paula Gow's good female Kallan. Kallan herself has had a successful trial career and has been an exceptional producer for Gow. Kallan has produced two National Cattledog Nursery Champions under the training of Brian Jacobs, as well as numerous reliable working ranch dogs.

Hondo is by LV Abe. Abe is a ranch dog that belongs to Mike Lathrop. Paula helps Mike and his family with ranch work and was able to see Abe at work. She was impressed by Abe's natural savvy and thoughtful ability to figure out the task at hand. For these reasons she chose to breed Abe to her female Kallan. 

From the beginning Hondo was a standout in that litter. He inherited the natural savvy and eagerness to please that Paula had hoped for. 

Paula is a retired police officer. She worked 25 years in patrol, vice and investigations. During most of her career she also serve as mounted patrol for special events. 

Upon completion of high school Paula left home to work on several ranches. After a few years of being a ranch hand Paula attended and graduated from Police Academy but she never lost her close ties to agricultural and ranch life. Paula appreciates a good horse, a nice dog, and well-handled livestock. Her help is always sought after on her ranching friends' operations. She currently spends many hours helping on a family ranch in Joseph, Oregon putting her talented dogs to good use.