National Western Stock Dog Sale - January 25, 2020

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Consigned by Milton Scott

 Milt Scott serves as general manager for a farm/feedlot near Calgary, AB, where he uses his dogs regularly on the beef operation. He has been training dogs since 1986 and competing in trials since 1989. He is the 2019 Open Champion in the Canadian Cattle Dog Association. In addition to training cow dogs, Milt also trains sheepdogs and has twice been the Western Canadian Sheepdog Champion.

Milt’s dog Cash was bred by Dale Montgomery of Maple Creek, SK, out of a line of dogs Milt knew to be good ranch dogs. Milt looks for a dog with natural balance and courage, as well as being a willing partner. He really enjoys a positive natured dog that will try hard to learn and please.

When Milt first saw Cash working sheep, he bought him straight away, knowing he was better suited for cow work and Cash has not disappointed. He has a lot of grit and try, along with an honest bite, both head and heel. “He will not get himself in trouble” Milt says. “He is strong and willing to bite, but he won’t be careless and end up somewhere he shouldn’t be.”