National Western Stock Dog Sale - January 25, 2020

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

National Western Stockdog Sale 

Denver Colorado

January 25, 2020

Apply for a bidder's number at LiveAuctions.TV, linked above, the morning before the sale. You will be assigned a bidding number shortly before the sale begins.

For questions, call 719-588-7558.

Join us to watch top stockdogs in action

 Few animal athletes possess the natural herding instinct, meticulous training and inherent desire to perform their tasks on the ranch than the working stockdog. This year, at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, fans are in for a real treat at the National Western Stockdog Sale. Action gets underway on January 25, 2020, beginning at 1 p.m. with the Stockdog Trial at the National Western Stock Show Complex to be immediately followed by the National Western Stockdog Sale at 2. Online and phone bidding will be available.

The National Western Stockdog Sale will feature a truly elite group of stockdogs shown at the Trial and subsequently available for purchase. In order to make the cut to be sold at auction, these high caliber working dogs will be evaluated by a screening panel with decades of combined ranching and stockdog training.

Only fully trained and seasoned working dogs with legitimate ranch experience will be accepted pending a video submission, which will be reviewed by the panel. The sift will be rigorous and require a strong ranching background.

Once stockdogs make the cut, attendees will see them in action at the National Western Stockdog Sale Preview as they navigate cattle through an obstacle course that requires responsiveness and respect for the livestock.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to watch and bid on top working dogs. Highly skilled and capable working dogs like the ones you will see in Denver are integral to the livelihoods of many ranchers across the country. Who knows, you may even get the chance to take one home.

Dogs For Sale


Sold $9,000

Max is an all-around ranch and trial dog that has been used on an 1,800 head cow calf operation in southwest Missouri. He has a clean nose bite and moves cattle in a quiet and efficient manner. He has won open trials and was Midstate Stockdog Association Novice Dog of the Year. Whelped 6/8/13, he will fit either a novice handler or a competitive open level handler.

Consigned by Jeremy Mcbride (417)389-1950


Sold $10,000

Scootch is a big, strong, confident male out of Beau Beyer's breeding program. He is two years old and just coming into his prime. He bites both ends and will not back down. This dog is an excellent choice for a cow calf operation.

Consigned by Jeannie Allen (719)588-7558


sold $9,500

Tate is a two-year-old smooth coated male. He will work well on sheep or cattle. Tate is well broke and will work off of voice commands or whistles. He is great help on the ranch and would also make a very nice trial dog. 

Consigned by Keri Palmer (605)490-0838


sold $7,600

Lola is a stylish two year old female. She has been trialed and has qualified for the NCA National Finals in her first trial ever at just over a year old. She is used daily on a 5,000 acre ranch in the mountains of Parkfield, California on the central coast where we run 130 first calf heifers. She’s been a natural from the get go. She has a beautiful naturally wide outrun and handles stock quietly. Lola will make you a nice ranch dog and will definitely bring you to the winners circle on the trial field whether it be cattle or sheep. She’s easy to handle and would suit a novice handler all the way up to a seasoned open handler. Lola works off of whistle or verbal commands. She can be worked on foot, off horseback, or a quad.

Consigned by Frankie Acosta (559)998-9148


sold $6,250

Hondo is a very handy ranch dog who lives to work.  He will bite both ends and a front foot.  He works off of whistles or voice and has been worked on foot, horseback, and four-wheeler.  He has been trialed and done well and has been used to gather, move and sort pairs on a ranch in north east Oregon.   Whelped 03/18/17 Hondo is mature and ready to go right to work.

Consigned by Paula Gow (208)669-2823


sold $6,750

Cash is a strong head and heel dog that comes from a good line of ranch dogs. He has plenty of grit and an honest bite. He can move cattle with authority and will serve as an excellent cow dog for any operation.

Consigned by Milton Scott (403)888-0786